Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Fit After 40 - One Really Motivating Success Story

It's amazing what you learn about people after many years. Shari Duncan and I went to high school together and really didn't know each other. But thanks to Facebook and connecting with many of my high school friends we have recently been in touch and began to know each other better.

Shari's story is such and inspiration to so many of us that are trying to get/stay fit after 40 that I need to share it here for all to see. You see, Shari was just like so many of us - trying to juggle her family and career full-time and her fitness on the side. Then, one of her very good friends convinced her to take fitness to the next level. This friend was very fit, a health nut and Shari was (as she describes) the scrawny one. So, being concerned about the Osteoporosis that runs in her family, and after having spent years in the health industry - watching people who didn't worry about their health until after they got sick - she tagged along and started to take fitness/health more seriously.

This same really good friend who had convinced her to take better care of herself, was soon diagnosed with breast cancer and Shari stood by her as she went through her treatment. Shari made a promise to her before she died that Shari would work hard to take better care of herself.

At the age of 45 - Shari began competing as a body builder!

Her passion has changed all aspects of her life. She no longer works in a hospital. She manages a gym, her own training, and represents a company which specializes in nutrient and nutrient timing. She is giving back by helping other people reach their fitness potentials as well.

Take a look at her website @ I promise you will be inspired!