Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Law of Attraction: Deliberate Thoughts

I've been thinking about this lately because I've found that when I am truly focused on wanting something, I get what I want. When I say truly focused, I mean when you want something so badly you think about it and nothing can distract you from that thought. The thought may only last a moment or can last several minutes. Either way, it is so strong that all other thoughts step aside. This has happened to me several times in my life - where I've focused on jobs, relationships, where I want to live, etc. - it works.

I used to think it was because I was stubborn and wouldn't give up until I got what I wanted. But looking back on certain examples, I realized this isn't true. Like the time I was walking to a client's building and thought to myself that I didn't like my current job and wanted the client to offer me a job. I was making a presentation and during the break the HR Recruiter asked me to step into her office. When I did, just a few hours after having that thought, she offered me a job. Another time, I was in sales and had decided I wanted to go back into corporate. I called one (and only one) client and asked her if she knew of anyone hiring for the type of job I was looking for. Her answer was "Yes! I am taking on a new position in the company and can't make the change until I find my replacement." Within a couple of days I had the job.

I have many stories like this - which made me reconsider that maybe I am not just stubborn. Maybe there is something more to this. Mind you, this was years before I ever heard of the Law of Attraction. I have found that at certain parts of the day, or when I'm doing certain tasks, I can truly focus. For example, when I am walking, I find that my mind tends to wander. It's almost like a meditative state and whatever I think about is a single focus.

Making this deliberate means that I needed to be intentional about my thoughts as I focus and I needed to decide what I wanted to focus on. There are so many things, some small some large. So I decided to take on just a few. Each day, I take some time (15-20 minutes) to focus. I go through each item on my list (there are 3 items) and picture myself as succeeding in acheiving that goal. As I succeed in completing a goal I add more goals to my list.

It is important to have an ever changing and evolving list of goals because as we grow and as our personal circumstances change, so must our goals. Your thoughts need to be strong and clear. Here are some examples:

I see myself as x pounds lighter.
I see myself as acheiving x (career title) at my company
I can and will acheive prosperity
I will attract people into my live that will help me to accomplish my goals

So I challenge you to make your list and take time each day to picture what you would look like if you succeed in accomplish each item on your list.

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