Friday, July 23, 2010

Think Positive and Extend Your Smile

I've been thinking about this more and more lately. I'm such a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and what it creates in our lives. Did you ever notice that when you smile at someone, usually they smile back. Why is that and how can it be extended ever further?

Here are some ways I am trying to extend my smile:
  • Focus on the good in every situation, health not illness, blessings not challenges, strengths not weaknesses.
  • See the good in everyone and accept them for who they are - even when they differ
  • Give selflessly
  • Love unconditionally
I think many of us (myself included) have gone through times when we are unhappy. But just like misery loves company, so does happiness and happiness creates more happiness. In turn, positive thoughts create positive outcomes.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Yesterday I was tired and cranky all day, then I just took my dog on a 4 mile jog and literally made myself smile the whole way, I felt so much better afterwards.

    It's all about positive thinking and what we project upon ourselves.

  2. I totally believe in positive thinking. Has anyone ever asked you if you felt bad that you looked like you didn't feel good when in fact you felt fine. After being told become to not feel as good and look at yourself in the mirror. It does play with your mind,
    When I would have a stressful day at work....I would go to the nursing home to visit my mother who suffered with alzheimers. I could be in a foul mood when I arrived there but after spending about an hour with her and the other residents...I would end up feeling so much better about myself. They could always say funny things and make me laugh. I always say look for the good in everything...bad day...illness....bad situation! It's just have to look! It takes less energy to be positive than it does to be a negative.

  3. It's mind over matter. If you train your mind to be positive in any situation, you will find the sunshine in any situation.